Free & Paid Software for the Injection Molding Industry


ProMax-One™  Machine Selector helps you select injection molding machines by calculating clamp force and shot size for an injection molded plastic part.
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This option verifies that the following applications are installed (administrator rights may be required):
MS .NET Framework 2.0®
Crystal Reports for .NET 2.0®
MS Data Access Components 2.8®
Use this option if this is the first time you run this application.
ONLY if you have previously ran a PX1 Application. The prerequisites are not installed in this option. If  not sure, use Option 1: Run First Time. This method runs faster, but must not be used the first time

When one of our free applications is ran for the first time, you will be prompted to either download a database file or to select one that already exists in your network. The purpose of the database file is to store all calculations and information you enter when using an application. Any application you run will retrieve the data required from this file. You choose to select an existing database file when you want the information to be shared with other users in the network and the file was already downloaded from other computer. If a file does not exist in your network, you must choose to download the file and select the new location form this computer or the network for subsequent sharing with other users at your organization

If you have any questions, e-mail us at This program is supported for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

The program will temporarily run in your computer's virtual memory and will not be installed in your hard disk. Once closed, the program will be deleted from your system. The database file will remain in the original location.
Please read carefully: This application is to be used as a guide and the results are not guaranteed by our organization. This tool is intended to help you in your tooling engineering tasks and not to replace experience, common sense and the advance tools available in the market. Please use it cautiously. If you find inconsistencies, please send us your comments at